Institutional Investors:

Large, mid-size and small institutions have unique needs that require a specialized approach to asset management. Bretwood Capital Partners acts as an investment advisor to public pension and retirement plans; and we have a successful track record of providing services to them. These institutions leverage our expertise in strategy design and tactical asset allocation. Guided by a total return concept, our investment strategy manages risk and captures opportunities in a liquid and transparent manner.

Foundations and Endowments:

Due to the indefinite investment time horizon, opposing interests of current beneficiaries verses future beneficiaries, and the involvement of numerous stakeholders, non-profit organizations face challenging and unique issues. Bretwood Capital Partners has a successful history of managing the investment needs of foundations and endowments. Our investment strategies are designed to create wealth over complete market cycles while preserving capital. With portfolio risks managed through asset allocation and investment strategy diversification, our foundation and endowment client portfolios are carefully constructed to perform effectively under a variety of market conditions.