Financial Advisory

Bretwood Capital Partners’ mission is to advise tax-exempt borrowers on how to achieve their financial goals by providing personalized and objective financial advice. Since we are an independent advisory firm, our interests are directly aligned with our clients.

Our firm has a long and successful history of structuring and managing financings for clients. Also, we identify and deliver new sources of capital support for clients through financial planning and debt management:

Financial Planning

1. Development of Capital Plan and Financial Polices. Implementing financing and debt policies will enable the Institution to carry out capital expansion or debt restructuring plans more efficiently while preserving market access for future debt.

2. Review Existing Debt Structure. A review of the legal structure will provide the basis for the consideration of financing alternatives that are currently available.

3. Review Capital Budget. The goal of this review is to determine the optimal match of the sources of capital funding with the infrastructure funding needs.

4. Analyze Future Debt Capacity. A computerized financial model will be formulated to assess the ability of alternative financing strategies to economically provide the required level of funding over time.

5. Identify Financing Alternatives. We will develop an optimization model to address various financing alternatives, including but not limited to the following:

  • Historically Black College and University Capital Finance Program
  •  Taxable Notes and Bonds
  • Variable Rate Demand Notes/Bonds (VRDBs)
  • Taxable Commercial Paper
  • Capital Appreciation or Zero Coupon Bonds
  • Bond Banks and Pooled Programs
  • Derivative Financing Products
  • Sale – Leasebacks

Debt Management

1. Develop and Monitor Financing Schedule. We will prepare a bond sale calendar that clearly identifies responsibilities of each participant in the transaction.

2. Analyze Debt Structure Alternatives. The determination of an efficient issue structure that will be the function of the proposed amortization schedule, resources that are to be pledged and maturity schedule.

3. Recommendation of a Negotiated or Competitive Sale. This is one of the most important decisions in the bond sale process.

4. Assist Client in Selecting Working Group Members and Procuring Services. This process will include the selection of Underwriters given the type of structure used. Also, we will help identify and procure other special financial services to include Special Tax Counsel, Trustee, Payment Agent, Printing Services and Special Credit Facilities (includes such items as letters of credit or bond insurance).

5. Develop Financing Documents. Once a financial plan has been adopted, the financing team will be responsible for drafting, printing, adopting, and distributing all legal and disclosure documents.

6. Coordinate the Marketing of the Sale of the Bonds. Bretwood Capital would actively undertake all necessary procedures to effectively market and sell client’s debt issues.

7. Rating agency Presentations. We would conduct in-depth credit analyses comparable to the rating agencies’ own analyses so that both credit strengths and weaknesses can be identified by the Institution prior to the presentation of materials to rating analysts.

8. Assist with the Pricing of the Bonds and with the Closing of the Bond Issue. We will work with all parties involved with the closing to prepare a schedule of tasks to be completed prior to closing and identify the party responsible for completing the task.