We are value focused and performance driven.

We believe our “Quantamental” approach intelligently integrates quantitative and fundamental analysis that consistently identifies attractive portfolio candidates. Our philosophy is that one must invest for the long term thus we buy companies to own and not to trade. We believe that the six drivers of performance are:

  • Valuation
  • Market Sentiment
  • Operating Trends
  • Earnings Estimate Trends
  • Leverage
  • Shareholder Value Creation

Adhering to a strict investment discipline, we believe our portfolio construction process optimizes the tradeoff between expected return and risk for our investors. As an investment manager, our added value comes from owning the best companies that provide superior long term performance.

Finally, in every market cycle, there is a period where high quality companies take on the role of “a defensive barrier” of strength to protect against strong downside volatility. We attempt to make money for our clients by providing this fortification against the late market cycle downside movement. Our focus is on achieving long term equity growth with an emphasis on capital preservation.